Mobile dog groomer in St Albans


The right diet and exercise are essential to your dog's health, but so is a regular grooming schedule! Grooming should be a fun and a relaxing experience for your beloved pet. All grooms are provided on a one to one basis, this ensures each dog has Nicola's full attention and care.

mobile dog groomer

All grooms with Flawless Paws take place in the newly built mobile salon, either outside your home or workplace. The van consists of all the same quality equipment you'd find in a salon, it also has heating for those cold days. Bathing takes place within the van with fresh warm water and only natural dog shampoo. All equipment is kept nearby so your dog is never left alone.

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How often your dog needs professionally grooming depends on the coat type, yours and your dog's lifestyle. Dogs have a large amount of dirt, dust, dander and dead skin within their coats. Regular grooming will help remove this, keeping the skin and coat healthy and in the best condition. Having the coat suitably groomed will also help keep the dog cooler in hot weather.

Nicola takes pride in her work and level of care, spending extra time with young, nervous, elderly or rescue dogs which helps them to enjoy their groom. Only force free handling and positive reinforcement techniques are used. Your dog's welfare, happiness and health always comes first.

st albans mobile dog groomer

On the day of your appointment Nicola arrives at your house and will require a, fairly flat, space on your drive or just outside the house two car lengths long to park the van in. This is to ensure the van is close enough to plug the electrics into just one socket in your home.

Take a look at the Services page to discover all that Flawless Paws has to offer. Please feel free to get in contact to discuss your requirements, for a quote or to make an appointment.

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