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Puppy Pamper Package

Puppies can be groomed as soon as they’ve had their second vacination. All breeds should get used to being groomed from as early an age as possible, preferably before they are 16 weeks old.

Flawless Paws offers a three step introduction to grooming for puppies*:-

1. Bath, dry and brush.
2. Bath, dry, brush, nails cut and trimming of feet, face and bottom.
3. Full groom

Puppy package

Please get in touch for further information.

All natural shampoo

All the shampoos* and fragrance sprays Flawless Paws uses are made from natural ingredients, enriched with vitamins and fruit extracts to nourish the skin and coat. The packaging is made from 100% biodegradable material. Please enquire about other products.


*with the exception of a Flea bath.